Refurbished: WP Arsenal 12TB SATA 6Gb/s 7200RPM 3.5" DAS HDD

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Condition: Refurbished

  • 12TB refurbished hard drive designed for direct-attached-storage (DAS) systems.
  • Water Panther Arsenal drives deliver consistent and responsive transfers.
  • Optimized for heavy workloads—3x that of NAS drives.
  • Drop-in ready for mainstream JBOD, disk shelf, and multi-bay RAID arrays.
  • Connect directly and utilize low latency hardware for upmost performance.

General Compatibility:

NetApp disk shelves and storage media systems.

Supermicro SuperStorage/SuperChassis storage servers and JBOD storage enclosures.

Synology RackStation RS storage solutions and RX storage expansion units.

Buffalo TeraStation business storage arrays.

QNAP TL Series JBOD NAS expansion systems.

Lenovo Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Systems & JBOD enclosures.

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Upgrade your direct-attached-storage system with 12TB SATA hard drives. Business environments thrive with storage devices that have endurance, consistent and predictable performance, as well as the connectivity necessary to increase storage capacity and data throughput. DAS systems include just-a-bunch-of-disks (JBOD) and disk shelf storage systems, these storage arrays extend the storage capacity of servers and connect directly to these processing environments for high-performance applications. Unlike network-attached-storage (NAS) drives, DAS drives are capable of higher data workloads and can scale capacity further. Each drive has a minimum mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) rating of 2 million hours to ensure longevity. IT technical support is included for system setup and configuration. Every drive is backed by a 2-year, no-hassle warranty. The Arsenal series offers great-value, high-performing drives with a reliable supply-chain, build a storage array that has your back.

Disclaimer: WP Arsenal consists of products from major manufacturers and OEMs, Water Panther offers compatible products, technical support, warranty support and coverage, and the supply chain. Product images are for demonstration and marketing purposes only, images do not represent any individual item.

Note: WP Arsenal drives support 512-byte sector format sizes. Drives cannot be mixed in a 4Kn array. Certain drives have the SAS interface, the SAS interface is for systems with compatible disk controllers and will not work in systems that only support SATA (desktop PC, consumer NAS, etc. ). All WP Arsenal drives support legacy power supplies and will not have power-disable functionality.

Questions & Answers

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    This drive has a standard SATA interface and can be used on a home desktop PC just fine.

  • What is the discount for buying 10 refurbished Hard drives (12 TB DAS Arsenal) Thanks AB

    Please reach out to for volume discount inquiries.

  • What is the warranty on these referb drives?

    These have a 2 year warranty, from point of purchase.

  • Will this work for my Unifi UNVR

    We haven't validated any Unifi systems but if it can usually take any OEM drive along with supporting the SATA interface and 3.5in form factor, then these should work too.

  • How well does this Drive handle in a stand-alone system that does video editing for creative purposes? Is there any stuttering issues when trying to access multiple files that are stored in the drive, file size ranges include 100mb to 100gbs.

    It would do well for video editing, this drive can handle maximum sustained transfers of 250 MB/s. Consumer SSDs will use up it's cache and be slower than this hard drive at the workloads you've mentioned. These drives will not stutter when accessing multiple files, it's used often in places that have multiple users all accessing at once.

  • What is meant by refurbished? Were they just lightly used and then cleaned up a bit, or were they rebuilt in a clean room and restored with new platters?

    Arsenal series drives offer refurbished drive options that are factory recertified. We source from major OEMs and the manufacturer will refurbish the devices, these devices are the same replacements sent out for warranty RMAs typically. We do test the drives so it will be powered on once or twice typically and have little power-on hours as a result. The warranty is through us is for 2 years from point of purchase and is a great option for supporting high capacity RAID arrays because we can advance replace drives to support business environments. Although, hard drives follow a U-shape pattern on failure time curves so in most cases as long as it lasts from the get-go it should last a long time, especially with enterprise-grade hardware.

  • are these hard drives CMR or SMR recording technology?

    These drives are CMR.

Technical Specifications
Device Type Internal Hard Disk Drive
Storage Capacity 12TB
Spindle Rotational Speed 7.2K RPM
Interface SATA-III 6Gbit/s
Form Factor 3.5 Inches
Storage Recording Technology CMR

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