Compatible Dell PowerEdge Server SSDs

Lower latency and increase data transfers with solid state drives optimized for Dell PowerEdge systems. Every SSD will have enterprise-grade NAND flash and is rated for high workload environments. Each storage device is compatible with existing Dell SSD RAID arrays. Choose from SAS SSD to PCI-e NVMe U.2 options.

Compatible SSD Drive Kits for PowerEdge
Often used for virtualization, a solid state drive enables virtualized apps to run with ease since random I/O operations happen continuously. Datacenters use enterprise SSD storage (eSSD) for their consistent performance, write durability, power-loss protection, along with various other features. Another use case is a host OS such as VMware® ESXi which can benefit by using an SSD as a scratch disk location to circumvent write degradation on SD cards and USB flash drives. Also, SSDs are often used for various caching methods, often in place of typical memory cache. Water Panther SSD options enable the enterprise to upgrade and utilize this technology with ease.