Dell PowerEdge Supported Drives | Enterprise Server Hot-Plug Storage

poweredge enterprise servers lined up

Pick your server model below to go into a list of compatible drives. Some servers feature different drive bays, confirm with the datasheet linked in the collection if you are unsure. Some parts require capable disk controllers to support the full potential speed of the interface on the drive.

Dell PowerEdge Tower Series T320 T410 T420 T430 T440 T620 T630 T640
Dell PowerEdge 10th Gen. Rack Series R900 R905
Dell PowerEdge 11th Gen. Rack Series R210 R410 R415 R510 R515 R710 R715 R815 R910
Dell PowerEdge 12th Gen. Rack Series R220 R320 R420 R520 R620 R720 R720XD R820 R920
Dell PowerEdge 13th Gen. Rack Series R330 R430 R630 R730 R730XD R830 R930
Dell PowerEdge 14th Gen. Rack Series R240 R340 R440 R540 R640 R6415 R740 R740XD R740XD2 R7415  R840 R940 R940XA 
Dell PowerEdge 15th Gen. Rack Series R6515 R6525 R7515 R7525 R450 R550 R650xs R750xs R650 R750 R750xa