About Us

WaterPanther© makes possible the most complete compatible drive on the market.

Water Panther is built on providing exceptional options for your enterprise storage. Provided is a best-in-class value so that the enterprise can do more with existing and future infrastructure. Whether you have a lab server or production environment, Water Panther has a solution to meet business requirements.

Water Panther is based in the United States and has a solid supply-chain to ensure our clients are sourced at all times. There is an ever-growing list of servers that is tested and validated to function and operate 24x7. Let Water Panther support what your system requires.


Industry-Leading Performance and Reliability
Water Panther delivers top notch storage solutions by reducing downtime, eliminating service calls, and minimizing TCO for mainstream data centers. Safeguard your data while providing high capacity storage when dealing with the ever-increasing demand of data growth. Water Panther offers the performance and reliability necessary and is compatible with a multitude of servers and main-stream storage arrays.

Innovating for Higher Quality and Service
Backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, 2-year warranty, a minimum MTBF rating of 2 million hours, along with an IT team to support troubleshooting. Water Panther extends their field-proven availability to customer data while maintaining cost-effective storage. The industry drives up data needs, Water Panther delivers quality solutions.

Field-Proven Data Center Storage

Harnessing capability – we’ve built our client's trust by looking to the future with the latest solutions. Whether you’re running a transactional database, solving machine learning algorithms, or backing up long-term business data, you can rely on Water Panther when it matters most. Leading the industry, we create value for our clients, and the enterprise industry.