SaveGreen Eco Series Recycled Drives

The Water Panther SaveGreen series offers a greener, more sustainable, budget solution to store your data. Every year, millions of hard drives are needlessly thrown away or destroyed, creating e-waste that will last generations. We aim to help reduce destruction of working hard drives and prevent needless e-waste. The SaveGreen series offers budget friendly high-capacity refurbished hard drives that undergo rigorous testing to make certain you will receive dependable high-performance drives; this comprehensive testing guarantees any drive that does not meet our quality standards will never be sold. You can help us make a difference by investing in a greener future and promoting a more circular economy in data storage. 



  • The best cost per capacity drive offered by Water Panther
  • The SaveGreen series delivers consistent reliability and performance while reducing e-waste
  • Every refurbished drive is thoroughly tested in-house
  • Wide compatibility for most home use-cases with a standard SATA connection and 3.5” form factor
  • The SaveGreen series emphasizes the efficient use of resources by keeping them in use for as long as possible and minimizing e-waste


The SaveGreen series features budget large form factor 3.5-inch hard disk drives with the SATA interface. 

The WaterPanther SaveGreen series offers the cheapest refurbished 3.5” hard drives from Water Panther. We apply the same high quality standards to our budget refurbished HDDs as we do our other products. We test and refurbish our HDDs in-house and ship using some of the highest quality packaging in the industry paired with incredible and knowledgeable customer service to ensure a premium experience.